why are there fewer coyotes than mice in a desert ecosystem?

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Answered: What terrestrial ecosystem has been disturbed by human activity more than

The list of things we owe leftists for is virtually endless. Gays are by definition left wing liberals but were you aware that AIDS was weaponized from an innocuous virus found in monkeys? It was developed at Azamot 3 in the Urals between 1957 and 1961. What a wonderful benefit to society ...

Answered: What does a coyotes tooth mean?

One of the topics listed is "pets". Does this person have a pet coyote? Linda Asking the serious questions

Answered: Coyotes in Placentia, Ca.

Yes, indeed it is possible, especially if you have noticed coyote activity in your vicinity and especially if the cat went missing at night. Coyotes are almost exclusively nighttime hunters, so keep your small pets inside at night.

Answered: How can I see mice in my house and not see any ...

Honestly, when in doubt, I'd say call an exterminator.

Answered: How To Repel Coyotes

There is a type of dog you can get called a Maremma , which you train at a young age to live with the flock, have seen these used in Austrilia. They jsut stay out all night and live like sheep (but you have to feed them dog food). Another option might an Alpaca (above), these again stay in the ...

Answered: How do I catch my escaped pet mice?

What are these boxes called, can I purchase them? We just found one in our pool, dead. I feel so bad. They are on a screened porch with a large pool. I feel like the other two will soon take a dive if I can't trap them. I've raised them since 3 days old, their mom was killed by a family members ...
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What is a problem for desert ecosystems?

Too much moisture. It destroys deserts and promotes lakes, rivers, green plant growth, and animal populations.

Repelling coyotes

Pee does attract rhinos and pandas and mike secklers mom but most of the time coyotes are attracted the smell of a womans "areas". Studies have shown that coyotes are attracted to them. There have been cases in which females ages 23 to 40 have been attacked because of having sexual relationships ...

Do mice have to have some place to exercise? And ...

Mice are both communal and active. Two female mice will usually get along well, especially if they've been litter mates (or at least cage-mates at the pet store). Two males can be more problematic. Some will get along, some will not. It just depends on the individual personalities of the mice ...