why are the insides of my tomatoes green and the outside red?

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Answered: Green Tomatoes - Where to buy or order

Do you have any farmers markets nearby? Also, take another look at your grocery store, and if you don't see them, ask the produce guy to check in the back. you never know!

Answered: How come the humidity inside (25%) my house is lower than outside (49

Because humidity is a relative term. The warmer air inside your house can absorb more water vapour than the colder air outside. Outside the humidity is 49% of what the air can hold before the water begins to condence into drops of liquid, while the warm air inside can can absort more and is thus ...

Answered: Green Tomatoes

Hi ya lady....We love fried green tomtoes here in the south and realy loved te movie....Fried gren tomates wit jessica tandy and katy bates....It waswondeful move.....Just fry it like anything...Pan of grease.....But notlik frnch fries...You turn these over on both sides dip in egg and then corn ...

Answered: Red spider mites on tomatoes

I have heard the dish soap remedy before. You have to really soak the plants good with the soapy water. Use a strong mixture of soap. I have also heard of people using tobacco in water to spray on plants to kill mites. The idea of the oil is to spray the undersides of the leaf to kill the eggs ...

Answered: Inside herb gardens

Once herb seeds germinate, you can expect to see the second set of leaves in a week or two. http://botanical-journeys-plant-guides.com/growing-parsley.html PR: wait... I: wait... L: wait... LD: wait... I: wait... wait... Rank: wait... Traffic: wait... Price: wait... C ...

Answered: Why are my green tomatos disappearing

I would suspect deer, cows, horses, groundhogs to name a few animals that would eat a green tomato. If none of these animals can get to your plants, then maybe a polecat or possum. hope this helps
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