why are the deer tearing grass up in yard?

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Answered: Holes in yard

maybe we hv a similar problem. In one section of the yard alone, we must have 30 or more small dep holes. 1 to 2 " diam. hv been researching for weeks, but still nothing. Also have mole or vole tunnels, but they don't seem to be connected to the holes. If you get an answer, pls pass it on. thanx

Answered: What counties in 1945 in wisconsin were shotgun only for deer season

It would be hard to say. Talk to the Wisconsin department of Natural Resources to know of a certainty.

Answered: Swampy yard

sell the house and relocate to a hill lol do you have a basement if so does it leak ??? if you want to stay add more dirt to your yard and raise the house unless you have a basement

Answered: My mondo grass lawn is very thick in spots and ...

Mondo grass spreads slowly. I would not do this. I recommend that you buy some more and plant it in the thin spots.
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Is it ok to hunt deer in the city limiets with a bow

i live in a city and it is legal to hunt with a bow in city limits by you could always ask a fish and game warden

How can I get vension free or pay for? I am a deer hunter but now

They have these new stores that were just invented. They're called butchers. And they actually sell meat of all kinds there. You should check one out, you'll be amazed.

Deer food i have deer that come into my yard and ...

You can feed corn, cracked or whole and ya might even use a salt or mineral block they like lettuce, beets , turnips, peas, ( whole ) experiment, they're fun to watch

Reaction to weeds, grasses ??

Anytime there is a puncture wound, you risk infection. Being you were walking barefoot only makes the risk higher..anything on the ground is tainted with something, regardless of where it came from..even the saliva from a dogs mouth can cause infection..bacteria is everywhere..buy yourself a pair of ...