why are storage tanks painted with aluminum powder?

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Answered: Paint formerly used on some storage tanks ...

Storage tanks are not needed to be grounded. Noncombustible material materials will not ignite or burn thats why expert advice to do like that.

Answered: Painting anodized Aluminum.

I have painted over anodized aluminum...powdercoat too. Aluminum has to be raw metal in order to anodize.

Answered: I have silver vinyl siding that i am so tired of. I would like to paint

Both vinyl and aluminum can be painted. A vinyl spray paint is on the market now but I don't believe it is available in bulk. As for aluminum, aircraft are often painted. The paint products are very expensive. Cost to paint a small private aircraft is in the area of $10,000.00 to 15'000.00. You ...

Answered: How to Paint Aluminum Extrusions?

Actually, aluminum that is to be permenently colored and protected rom the elements is usually anodized. Aluminum can also be powder coated, polished, and plated. Auminum can also be Parkerized if you want a flat black finish.
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