why are sprouts and sprout seeds considered TCS foods?

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Answered: What is the safest way to eat bean sprouts?

You can eat bean sprouts in salads, on sandwiches, in scrambled eggs or lots of other ways safely. The safest way to get bean sprouts to eat is to buy sprouting seeds and sprout them yourself.

Answered: How to sprout a peach tree limb.

I thought he meant how do you sprout one, like you can sprout cuttings from many plants. But most trees don't work that way.

Answered: Seeds sprout after bird eats it

Not only that, the seed gets a shot of organic fertilizer for a running start. How's that for elegant?

Answered: Is there side effects if you use Stevia to sweeten ...

There has been controversy for decades about the safety of Stevia. Some toxicologists believe that major usage of this all-natural sweetener could result in problems with the reproductive organs, cause cancerous cell mutations and disrupt the nutrition absorption ability in humans.

Answered: Im looking for a pattern for a beaded mans neck tie to bead with seed

Try pinterest. They might have some patterns on the site. Good luck.
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Onions sprouting

Use them first, but they are ok


Be careful with what you're harvesting. It might turn out to be poisonous.

Do you cook sunflower seeds?

Both pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds do NOT have to be cooked to be eaten.

Looking for seeds , Snapdragon, Orbit

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