why are some Indians on reservations and others are not?

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Answered: I need to cancel one of my reservation urgent. Thanks

AOL Answers does not know your reservation information. You need to call the airline or hotel or whatever.

Answered: Do Native Americans have garden hoses on their reservations?

Some do, some don't. Generally depends on where it is, but most do.

Answered: Daily turn over of indian railway?

According to the BBC, state-owned Indian railways is one of the largest and busiest rail networks in the world. It operates 9,000 passenger trains and carries 18 million passengers every day.

Answered: What is a pole celt? indian relic

It is a polished stone, meant to be attached to a pole. Unlike an arrowhead, which is primarily a hunting implement or weapon, a celt is designed to be a tool, closer to an ax than an arrow.

Answered: If Native Americans don't have toilet paper available, do they use a hose

Here's a link, Lenny. 3 months ago. http://aolanswers.com/questions/native-americans-hose-restroom_186636411881452#answer518017803107460

Answered: Cree indians reservation locations,my great uncle ...

Maybe theses sources can give you a lead: http://www.lib.sfu.ca/help/subject-guides/first-nations/land-claims http://www.library.ualberta.ca/subject/nativestudies/treaties/index.cfm
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