why are no dairy products allowed before colonoscopy?

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Answered: What is a dairy mixing tank

There are three kinds of mixing tanks used with dairying. We use chemical mixing tanks to prepare iodine sanitizing compounds so that we have all sparkling clean equipment and get your milk to you as fresh as we can. We run it through the transfer pipes, trucks, and pasteurizers so that everything ...

Answered: Which metal aluminum,steel or plastic is used to store the milk in dairy

I could say aluminum is being used in dairy industries to store milk because aluminum is not magnetic however ss steel has magnetic power and alos the weight is too low when compare with SS. www.recycleinme.com

Answered: Calcium requirements without dairy products

I found the answer last week by another Yedda person. THANKS!

Answered: I need a colonoscopy , but I am too afraid to get ...

I just canceled my appointment because I am too afraid. First of all I absolutely never want to be sedated. The dr. had agreed to that, and was going to use the pediatric scope but I have very thin skin and I am so afraid of a perforation. I just REALLY feel this is a risky and extremely ...

Answered: I need to have a colonoscopy, but I,m too afraid. I drink too much

Last year I had my first and went into it with some of the anxiety you are feeling and I'm guessing every man feels the same. The difference between what I envisioned and the actual procedure was about 1,000%, so don't put it off because you fear it. Trust me Sammie, the IV goes in and the next ...

Answered: I had a colonoscopy eight days ago; the doctor ...

Sorry, no psychics here. It's possible that they found something. It's just as likely that his call is a follow up issue and there's nothing to worry about. Sitting there, in the dark, won't do you any good. Call him back and find out.
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This fear of a colonoscopy is ruining my life. I ...

Sammie, I deeply feel for you.I myself suffer anxiety attacks and severe phobias.So when I was told I had to have a colonoscopy and be put to sleep I was a bundle of nerves.I was a mess.I could of chickened out and cancelled it but I thought long hard and sensibly and came up with the conclusion ...

Calling all dairy farmers!

I would love to be there when the cows graze on the White House lawn.

Dairy replacement products.

If you want to replace then use skimmed milk produce by Gopaljee Ananda. For more details - rsdgroup.in

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