Why are my grapes sour?

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Answered: Typical leftist sour grapes.

There is ONE leftist on AOL Answers. Talk about pathetic.

Answered: Grape Detox

Kerry, this is a very dangerous diet, as it totally messes with the electrolytes in your system. My aunt died nearly 5 years ago from this diet so I personally don't recommend it. If you're trying to lose weight, do it the right way by eating healthy and exercising daily.

Answered: Propagateing mustang grapes

I obtained grape cuttings from real grape growers who gave me six or seven starts. They would only provide these to me in the Fall. I was to take them and plant them near a fence or other supporting device. A year has gone by and I see that my grape starts are rollicking everywhere, thank ...

Answered: Growing Grapes

Not really sure, I believe some grape vines require both a male and female or something like that.

Answered: White vs. Red Grapes?

there is more suger in the red grape than white. if you plant a grape vine you would want to buy one that is already matuer if you want to eat grape for a week go ahead it will clean your system out.
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Sour grapes . . ..

Christmas is the time of healing in America. old grievances are set aside in the name of Christ and we come back together as re-united people, no matter who we worship: Christmas is a NATIONAL custom therefore here it is as much secular as religious. Regardless, don't allow a cult of grudge ...

If you plant a new grape vine, how many years will it take to grow to

Planting a single grape vine will not produce any grapes unless there are other grapevine nearby. It takes 3-4 years to reach maturity.

The party of sour grapes.

Typical cross burning sellout democrats.