why are koreans so rude?

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Answered: Why are there always excuses made for rude ...

YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We agree on something. As best as I can tell, he is a real jerk. I would much rather have lunch with you.

Answered: Rude Manager

You didn't ask a question, so you don't get an answer. You didn't even identify the store.

Answered: What do you think of people who ask you a question ...

Yes a shitpot could feign more interest in your stupid questions, which you tend to ask and then answer anyway. Why hang around to answer your questions, when you answer then yourself (as in this instance)?

Answered: Where can i report a c,o, for rude behavior ...

If you mean a corrections officer, there may be rules about visiting hours, or perhaps the person is in solitary confinement without visiting privileges. If the warden gave permission, you should have gotten a note. Or perhaps you could ask the corrections officer to call the warden to check.

Answered: Korean Rice Wine

Maybe a liquor store or an Asian Market? They have this brand new invention that is an absolute technical marvel. It helps you find just about anything. You should try it. It's called the Yellow Pages.

Answered: Rudeness That is The Question

Articus! I'm gonna thamp you on the head too! As a matter of fact...THAMP!! Now the next time a man is rude... get up and walk the hell out! No more 2nd chances. Just a big red good by in lipstick on the wall... good by says it all!
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Huddle House #598

Why would you come on AOL to complain? They don't own the restaurant. They have nothing to do with it. Have you considered doing something crazy like picking up the phone, calling the restaurant, and asking for the owner or manager? Why is simple problem solving so difficult for some people?

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