why are faith hill and tim mcgraw so skinny?

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Answered: Tim mcgraw

Hi Robin. Check out his official website for his tour information.

Answered: Tim McGraw's song "Please remember me"

I definitly think it is about breaking up, "You'll find better love" http://www.top-country-videos.com/tim-mcgraw/tim-mcgraw-please-remember-me.html

Answered: Are Tim and Faith getting divorced?

Am I missing something? Is this important? Should I care?

Answered: I am what people call skinny fat,i have a high ...

Number 1 - its your diet. 80% of what we look like is diet related! Cut out the fatty foods and eat leaner foods such as Turkey and chicken breasts. This coupled with good excercise will help you drop the BF%.. Use weights... muscle burns more calories then fat. Get some free weights and a ball ...
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A routine roundtable interview with syndicated radio reporters took an unexpected political turn Wednesday (March 8) when Tim McGraw and Faith Hill sharply criticized the federal government's efforts at rebuilding the Gulf Coast region in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. They had an argument on ...

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