why a ground wire on a/c condenser unit?

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Answered: What is unital design theory

a new design idea for penises (UNIT)?

Answered: No grounding wire!

Read following article on Electrical Grounding .

Answered: What do i do with the 2 grounding wires?

Yes you do . the two grounds go together as do the two whites and blacks. you have to pigtale off each wire to wire to outlet.

Answered: Condensate

Give as much information as you can. Describe the layers of the flooring starting from the beams that hold up the floor and work your way up. Do you have access underneath the floor? What is causing the condensation? Has the problem been fixed?

Answered: 220 v line has 120 on each leg to ground but no ...

Nothing jumps out at me. Is this the same 220 circuit? I would first unhook the line from the load in the bathroom heater. Check the voltage. At some point, unhook the connection in the laundry room and check voltages in the bath. Let me know what things look like. Oh. One way this could happen ...

Answered: Any idea on difference between mutual fund and unit trust?

I have a DBS account so I visited DBS unit trust FAQ page and got this: - A unit trust pools money from many investors, which is then invested in a variety of assets in order to meet specified investment objectives. The pool is managed by a team of full time professionals and a trustee is appointed ...
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Grounding wire

Thank you. I'll do that.

Who do you call if a tree knocks down your power wire?

As the property owner, you must remove the offending tree or the power utility will do so for you -- at your expense.

Where does the wire from the fuel sending unit enter the firewall on my

I ran it down, mine enters the body under the back seat & goes under the carpet to the dash.

Does condensation cause asthma

Condensation itself doesn't cause asthma, but for some people, asthma symptoms can be triggered by certain condidtions, including humidity. Humid environments are likely to cause condensation, so I would say that the humidity, rather than the condensation, could be triggering asthma symptoms .