Who's agfraid of a cartoon? http://www.commondreams.org/further/2012/02/29-4

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The President's first duty is Commander-In-Chief but Obama has been relieved ot it entirely as unfit. His second duty is to command the deployment of emergency relief forces to enforce evacuations and impose martial law which is appropriate during evacuations, and has likewise been relieved of that ...

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Greatbear and Ol' Yeddar have the same IPA: All of the racist hate on AOL Answers has that IPA.

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Leftists all suffer the dullest of fixations. They are dull people with dull boring existence playing the dullest of games in the name of a dull and witless cult idol they keep somewhere in the middle east. Leftists have always been boring. They keep proving that only the dullest of bores ever ...

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If you believe that someone has body odor, approach them tactfully, say that they do not smell very good, tell them about proper health and hygeine, and soon enough the malodor has gone. If they just will not bathe, then bring the matter to his supervisor and say that he has an offensive odor. In ...