who wrote your grace and mercy song lyrics and why?

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Answered: Who wrote the song jersey girl

Tom Waits. here are the lyrics (www.lyricsonline.com ) Songwriters: TOM WAITS Got no time for the corner boys, Down in the street makin' all that noise, Don't want no whores on eighth avenue, Cause tonight i'm gonna be with you. 'cause tonight i'm gonna take that ride, Across the river to the ...

Answered: Who wrote the song Mexican Joe

It was written by Mitchell Torok.

Answered: Huey Lewis sang

Yeah, sorta what songwriters do.

Answered: What Is The Best Song Of All Time?

More about the best performance of all time is by Jillian Jensen in US X-factor 2012. See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFvQYhfZCsY
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It's an old jump rope alphabet rhyme: A my name is Alice, and I live in a palace, And every afternoon at three, a footman serves me tea Yeah, yeah, a footman serves me tea Yeah, yeah, a footman serves me tea other verses: B my name is Benny, and my name rhymes with penny P my name is Paul, and ...

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Are you still looking for the answer to this question, Melissa? If yes, let me know before I go and write all 26 verses, LOL