Who wrote the christian play who killed the church?

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Answered: How does the Roman Catholic Church know who wrote the gospels?

Canon law is long stuff. The Church knows, and proved who wrote what.

Answered: What is the difference between an elder and a minister in the Full Gospel

There is no difference between self-appointed offices in self-styled churches.

Answered: How is Play Cou spelled, near the Cambodian Boarder, Viet Nam?

I think you mean Pleiku. There was an air base there.

Answered: SPORT BIKE donation for Church Ministry,

Brother B.is a Rocmike alias. He's the biggest racist hatemonger on here. He's the one posting his sick gay porn all over this site. It seems he is so hateful because he's gay and it's against his religious beliefs.

Answered: Where is the gas kill switch in 1995 corvette

emergenationgas shutoff swuitch loccy

Answered: Charisms

Bad question, PAT. Unless you just want to know that Catholic slant on GOD's gifts. I would say that it is neither complete, nor totally accurate. And if other Demoninations have similar lists, I would esteem them equally. Now, I know that the Catholic Church will have a list, but the reality of ...
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Did Alabama governor Robert Bentley insult non-Christians?

The gov does not understand salvation. We dont accept Jesus He saves us before we ever know or desire to know Him. Salvation is all of the Lord and all by grace and grace alone. It is His work not ours. Praise God for He deserves all the glory.

Are There More Mosques Than Churches in America?

1) I know of no one making this claim. 2) there are 4 times the number of Christens in the world as there are mulams. 3) 78% of Americas consider themselves Christen. 2% are muslam. If every muslan in America built their own privet mosgue, it still would not outnumber all the christen churches ...

How is a congregant supposed to know if it is ...

If the person wants to grow in the Lord's knowledge and in Spirit, and, if the local church is not aim for the change then, Yes!, it would be proper to assist to another church or bible study that will help one's walk with the Lord. Of course, it would be wise to let the current church know about ...

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