Who would I contact in the Republic of Ireland about copyright laws?

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Answered: What is a copyright attorney?

copyrighted material handling cases

Answered: I m an indian passport holder currently on a student visa in the United

You'd need to apply for an Irish Tourist Visa to visit Ireland. Holder of a Valid UK Residence Permit NEED a separate visa to visit Ireland. Check out www.visasforindians.com , for a list of countries to which Indians do not need a visa or can obtain one on arrival.

Answered: I have a .com domain name do i need to protect the name by using the

What you need is a Domain Locking. Prevent anyone from making changes to your domain's vital ownership/administrative information. Domain Locking prevents unauthorized or accidental transfers, and stops anyone from misdirecting your name servers. www.DomainDiving.com

Answered: Law

I think, you can not solve our problem without law service. Law service is very important for anyone.

Answered: Can a French resident pemit holder come to Ireland without a visa

Yes, I think that anyone who is a citizen of any European country that is a part of the EU can travel to other parts of the EU without a visa. Where are you originally from?
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