Who won the PCH sweepstakes (#1830) on Aug.29 ?

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Answered: $25,000.00;PCH GWY#2764!

You don't get it.

Answered: Has anyone ever won a sweepstakes on the internet?

i think ther is no one won in any sweep stakes in internet and i feel sorry to susan94799 you been fool....lol...

Answered: Anyone out there ever won a sweepstake on the internet?

I wouldn't trust anything that I apparently won over the internet. There are just too many scams out there and I don't believe that anything would be legit.

Answered: Carecredit.com/25 sweepstakes

Happiness and health for everyone

Answered: Sweepstakes

yes i love shopping at michaels
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Microsoft is an American company..why would they pay in pounds? I've prize notifications before and I know I had never entered the contest. If this is true for you...I suspect it's a scam. Any doubt? Contact Microsoft.

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