Who won the Miss Le Flambeau beauty pageant at Greer High School, Greer, SC?

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Answered: Was cheri burnette abraham a former miss greer s.c.?

Now she looks a little "seasoned" but it could be the two and a half years in prison she was just sentenced to serve in federal prison...or maybe it's the $600,000 worth of restitution....eh who knows.

Answered: Is the New Miss America The Prettiest in the Land?

Just because she's miss america doesn't mean she's the prettiest in the land. But I do admire her body. It's not some stick figure that starves herself. She looks like a real American girl who works out and eats healthy meals. I really like that about her.

Answered: Beauty Pageants

All I ever hear is that it is the mother who pushes the child into the pageant. Believe me, if the child didn't want to do it, a coal of fire could not get her on stage. I suppose those negative people would rather see the little girls out on the football field running with the ball and getting ...

Answered: High school

You obviously aren't there yet.

Answered: Do pageants look good on college resumes

hell no! focus on the merits you have accomplished without the want-a-be information. Peace

Answered: What are some innovative ideas for school fund ...

Check out my fundraising idea on www.workingforme.ws and then I can tell you all about how the funds continue to come in monthly as opposed to a one time event. Makes perfect sense, contact me soon. Thanks- Iris
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