Who won the Attorney General election in Virginia?

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Answered: How does Personal Injury case work without an attorney?

Personal injury claims can be handled in a variety of ways. Experience, technique, sales ability, overall familiarity with the insurance company at issue will impact your end result; and the end result is measured in dollars! What does all this matter you ask? First of all, upon finding out that ...

Answered: Why won't AOL let me cancel my account?

I found my answer by calling AOL. Thanks anyway.

Answered: Who replaced Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey

Mukaysey is Attorney General, chief of the Dept. of Justice, not Homeland Security, and he is being replaced by Eric Holder, appointed by President-Elect Obama and now subject to congressional confirmation. Doyle

Answered: Bankruptcy attorney won't file

At this point, you need to consult with another attorney. Depending on the issues attached to your case - you really need to speak to another attorney immediately. Drive to another town if you have to if you feel you need to save face with your current attorney - pay a consultation fee for a new ...

Answered: Who won attorney general election in california?

The race is too close to call. See this article for details.

Answered: Can you vote in the general election if you did not vote in the general

I've never voted in any election is Nebraska. I'm still entitled to vote here in Oregon.
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Attorney Bruce Tough of the Woodlands, Texas ...

Attorneys are NOT elected. District Attorneys are, Attorneys are not. Please get a clue.

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John Kerry is Secretary of State, Chuck Hagel is Secretary of Defense, Eric Holder is Attorney General.