who won custody of guy fieri's nephew?

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Answered: Is there any way to amicably resolve a custody ...

As long as you have a safe place to stay, stable income and not violent backround you should be able to get the judge to see your point.

Answered: Better watch out people. TJ/JO is back

There was a lady that asian lady was sued by her husband for having plastic surgery and giving her husband 'ugly kids'
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It is OK to date both until you decide to go steady with one or the other. when you want to be exclusive with one, then just stick to that one.

I hate the custody arrangement that the courts have made. I have my 3

You could try and propose the 2 day, 2 day, 5 day schedule. One parent has the child on Mondays and Tuesdays, the other parent on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and then each parent alternates the weekends from Friday to Sunday and return to the 2 day, 2 day on Monday. This makes it easier for both ...

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for as I know judge look at both parent mostly to see if there drug problem in family or alcohol and look at who has job and look at if mother living her mother and step father then child has roof over the child head then look at if her mother feeding and clothing this child. The judge does look at ...