who won betting line 49ers falcons?

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Answered: What is the sound that is played when the san franciso 49er's score?

The new 49ers stadium is not in San Francisco, but in Santa Clara, about 45 miles southeast of San Francisco, 6 miles from San Jose airport.

Answered: What happens if I bet more than I have?

In the vast majority of cases,betting more than you have is likely to lead to very bad times.You will end up borrowing money from friends and family who will eventually look upon you as a pariah and despise you. You will end up dodging them and lying,probably making your life a mess.Do not bet more ...

Answered: How to interpret sports lines betting?

Well, if you're just getting into sports betting, here is a great reference online... http://factoidz.com/sports-betting-system-that-works-using-science-and-statistics-to-win/

Answered: Why won't AOL work with OS X Yosemite?

Don't worry. AOL's software should be compatible sometime around the year 2200.

Answered: How many times has the San Francisco 49ers won the world series?

Football teams don't play in the World Series. It would be kind of awkward having one team playing with a football and tackling everybody and the other team throwing 95 MPH fastballs and carrying baseball bats.
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What are the 49ers doing?

Or the Packers


The Peregrine Falcons in my area also like to eat pigeons (from what I've heard. I've not actually witnessed them eating.) and other birds.

Aol won't sign on for us.

If you are on dial-up, AOL may have discontinued the number you have been using, but you can get another number. If you are on DSL or cable, the problem could be with your Internet provider, or maybe your cable to the computer has become disconnected. If you have Caps Lock on, it won't recognize ...

49er cheer outfit 1976

There are at least 3 possible questions: 1. What did the 1976 cheer outfit look like? 2. Where can I buy one and what does it cost? 3. Where can I sell one and how much would I get?