who won 2012 halloween wars?

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Answered: Please find a SAFER alternative activity on HALLOWEEN? fatuous1

Pick a Rocmike aka American patriot alias. Several of these aliases will be posting 16 hours a day 7 days a week. Bill, Leagle, Bob Suffolk, Southern, Anselm, Melvin, Top Renner, Fletcher, Harley Spirit, Rick Barnett, Lady Aban, Tweek, Mystic, Dr. Kelly, Stressed, Serenity, American Patriot ...

Answered: The causes of war.

It has been a slow day for our government dependent friend the leftist Muslim Atheist poster. I have seen anonymous posts from 16 hours ago. Under his main aliases Trampo, The fake Marine, Fred G.and Bill J. he has only posted for over 12 hours with 98 posts. He is still posting under Fred G. He ...

Answered: War: the gift of leftist liberals.

Anonymous, unfortunately you disclose the "doomsday" mentality of leftists, and why leftists were recruited into the disbanded Strategic Air Command -- because rational persons would take no part in such a misadventure that the Soviets and Chinese made necessary. The nasty part is that only leftist ...

Answered: I'm needing help to find a certain scary/funny ...

I FOUND THE ANSWER! It's actually a greeting card. It's been named, "The Greatest Halloween Card Ever". It's an animated card, and it is so cool. The Candy Corn that I was talking about is, the little one-eyed monster is wearing pajamas with Candy Corn print on it. I don't know how to attach a ...

Answered: Why won't AOL work with OS X Yosemite?

Don't worry. AOL's software should be compatible sometime around the year 2200.

Answered: The Hawaiian word for Halloween?

According to Wiki Answers, the Hawaiian for Halloween is "Hau'oli Ka La Ho'ola'a!" http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_do_you_say_happy_Halloween_in_Hawaiian
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Happy Halloween!

In 1976, Texas Governor Dolph Briscoe walked down the steps of the Governor's Manion in Austin and accidentally scared his five year old son with his Frankenstein costume. When the startled youth calmed down on realizing that it was his father, Dolph said, "Consider yourself lucky! I could have ...

Is Halloween in November in other countries?

All Hallow's Evening goes back many centuries. It is fixed by the church calender on 31Oct. The term Halloween first appeared in the 16th century.

What is the main idea of Halloween?

Way back when, it was All Hallowed's Eve, that replaced the Druid Samhain -- the night of death. Druids believed they would get re-born as animals that night, some thing like that Hindu noise. The Church thought that through with 'em and they both figured out the Druids were wrong. Since then ...

What's a good site for Halloween Eye contacts?

http://www.cococontacts.com #mce_temp_url#