who will be the next president of the usa in 2016?

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Answered: When will oboma's 2016 be shown in columbus ga?

If you value your freedom and the reputation of America worldwide, you will boycott Obama in every possible way.

Answered: Who Are Your Pushing For To Be Our New U.S. President?

Absolutely anyone but Obama. Obama has brought the U.S. to its knees and another four years would be a profound disaster. Obama and his crew have failed big time and now it's time for someone else to pick up the pieces and put this country back together. No Obama in 2012!

Answered: Is President Obama brain-dead or just stoned?

How many leftist Muslim Atheist poster's stalkers can you get on one question? Only one, that one hijacks the whole thread and crowds anyone else off.

Answered: Birthday card from President when 100 years old?

Well that is good to know. Happy Birthday to your father for Feb 21st.

Answered: What happens to the furniture of the outgoing president of the united

All furniture in the White House that was purchased with government money is the property of the U.S. As such, the incoming president can choose to retain the furniture and if not it remains U.S. property and is therefore stored; sometimes in the White House basement.

Answered: Where was No Mans land in the USA?

Oklahoma Panhandle When the Territory of Kansas was created in 1854, its boundary was set at the 38th Parallel. When Texas, a slave state, came into the Union in 1845, it would not extend its sovereignty over any territory north of 36 degree 30' because such territory would be free - as specified ...
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Where would you choose to have the 2016 Olympics?

Due to all the shootings here, and the general turmoil over your coming election, there would be terrible security problems for the athletes. In 1976, the athletes in Berlin were kidnapped and many killed by terrorists. Rio de Janeiro would not have that problem.

USA politics, Hillary Clinton

I'll list the candidates (w/links to their webpages) that I know have either declared candidacy or who have indicated they will run, along with my (subjective) assessment of their chances. If you find it unusual that so many people put themselves forward as candidates for the presidency, I assure ...

US President Obama's first 100 days

Heavens NO! That man has got this country so far in debt! And furthermore, I'm proud to be an American and if I ever ran into his buddies,{Chaves, Castro, and a couple of other communists} I would NEVER apologize for what this country has done in the past. This country still exists today due to our ...

The idiots of 2016....................