who will be on celebrity apprentice 2014?

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Answered: Did John Rich deserve to win "Celebrity Apprentice"?

From what I saw of it, he was Great.. Sweet G 6/6

Answered: 'Celebrity Apprentice' Finale


Answered: Is Lilo an Apprentice?

She'll be too busy spending time in jail to do this production, no?

Answered: What's your opinion about Celebrity Apprentice?

That show has ended right.. tell me it did.. S G

Answered: Who got fired on celebrity apprentice 5/15/11?

Meatloaf and Little John (the rapper)...now Marlee and John are the 2 finalists..and Star,John McGrath,Richard(survivor),LaToya and Meatloaf are back to help Marlee and John...should be interesting...weedbychoice
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Schedule for the season of the stars ,starts in january 2014 in the

Well, listen to this! I haven't ever even gotten to see Art performing at his center. That REALLY sucks.

Which celebrities have gravitas besides Alec Baldwin, William Shatner and

Of the three you mentioned, only Shatner has gravitas, and he ain't got that much of it. Do you have a clue what gravitas means?

Jose Canseco: Bait and switch?

Jose defrauded the fans in baseball for year,so this doesn't suprise me

What is a apprentice

Two thumbs up Rebecca. When I first started out in construction, I started as an apprentice carpenter. I knew nothing! I was thankful that I had a master carpenter to teach me. After 4 years I became a journyman, and now I am a master carpenter.