who were thomas jefferson's followers?

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Answered: How Did Jefferson Know?

Jefferson was a genius. We sure could use him today!

Answered: Why We Need A Jefferson Today ?

Too much emphasis on the founding fathers is silly. It reminds me of The Planet of the Apes wherein the "gorillas" had their written documents (Bible and Constitution?) and sought to maintain their power over the scientific intelligensia - the chimpanzees. The Constitution is a great document, but ...

Answered: Candle followers

Hello i live twitter I purchased 5000 twitter followers from http://www.socialkik.com and they delivered them sooner than promised, that made a huge positive impact on my online business ! I started receiving more customers and better conversion rate because of the big number of followers which ...

Answered: Why do people say the Constitution say it is ...

While I can not quote the source, I believe your opinion to be correct on both points "Meaning that government may not set up a State Religion. Not to keep God out of our goverment." "As you well know, people who love their personal freedom above a love for the God of freedom are the driving force ...
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