Who were the first hoffner hessian soldiers?

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Answered: Number of soldiers killed in conflicts since 9-11-2001 ?

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Answered: Were Hessian soldiers active in the colonies or Canada in 1770

During the American Revolutionary War, Landgrave Frederick II of Hesse-Kassel (a principality in northern Hesse or Hessia) and other German leaders hired out thousands of conscripted subjects as auxiliaries to Great Britain to fight against the American revolutionaries. About 30,000 of these ...

Answered: Who are the American soldiers imprisioned at Leavenworth?.


Answered: How do you write to soldiers in iraq

Hi Shannmorgan Here is a site that helps you with information for sending letters and packages to marines in Iraq, click here . I hope this helps.

Answered: What were soldiers treated like after the American Civil War?

The only thing I can find,is about Reconstruction. Let's put it this way. The South was so mad at the North for outlawing slavery and giving blacks the vote,that they started the KKK around 1877,I believe.
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wow, I did'nt know that and I'm in the army. I was staring at my dogtags for a while looking for a notch.

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It used to be so. Today, if you voted for Nero-bama, you will be spared, if not, you will be fed to the lions. And that's the way it was, is and is to come.

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renem Your question was asked six months ago and there are no answers? http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2008/03/army-bioenergy/ an unusual site that contains unsusal and valid information. You should be able to access the information through the VA if you have a diagnosis of PTSD. Keep a written ...

Where can I find a list of soldiers stationed at Fort Mason around 1900

The military would maintain these records in their archives. There are two sources: call a university/college historian in the area that specializes in this topic, and ask if they have such a list. You might be surprised to find that they do. The other is to call the military, and request it ...