Who were the 17% that voted for Obama as most admired??

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Answered: Idiots who voted for Obama

No question about Obama: the only things voted for that Kenyan bum were tomb stones. Lke it took a genius to figure that one out. I guess leftists are all such idiots they ain't figured it out yet, or maybe they are so scared of a decade or so in prison they still lie about it. Talk about just ...

Answered: Barack obama votes as a senator

Obama has already gone down as the least competent fool who ever gave away his official duries to drink beer instead. During the five short months when he actually has a limited say in government, he illegally sold over sixteen trillion in US Treasury Securities to hostile nations at bargain rates ...

Answered: Worship the divine obama!

First, Tadpole commands us to worship "the divine Obama" as Obama only preaches violent Islam. Next she uses Islamic pornography to prove Muslims are all such degenerates that they approve of that filth. Then she tries to blame it on the dead as though anyone was stupid enough to believe obvious ...

Answered: Senator obamas voting record

here is the link...NV stand for No vote http://www.votesmart.org/voting_category.php?can_id=9490

Answered: Does the MICHELLE OBAMA's vegetable garden at the White House stilll

It would not do that Obatso bunch any harm to get up at sunup, work their hands to callous till it is dark, and do it again the next day. Reason they won't do that is cause they are Muslim, and they won't grow any thing but opium poppies.

Answered: Obama What is the truth regarding Mr Obama's ...

Bea: Obama did vote against the protection of a baby if it survived abortion. One of his reasons was that the mother might second guess her decision to have an abortion. Nice, huh! A woman was on television telling her story. She said she was saved after she survived an abortion and would not ...
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We hear you america voting

This is a tricky question,because there is no question.

Get rid of obama ads

I say keep them coming because they are only evidence to the incorrect information that is out there and that Romney can dispute. Lady Darko

Stimulus Or Political "Slush" Fund To Pay Back Supporters And Buy

you quoted Adam Hughes, the director of federal fiscal policy for the non-profit OMB Watch yes it's non profit but is he working in the white house does he know exackly how the money is being send out? are is he a gop in a non profit company whose main goal is to find something anything this ...

Will Obama Take the Womens Vote

The past elections shows that gender is really not important on voting who will be the next to lead the nation. It is just so sad that Hillary Clinton did not win but on the next election 2012, I think she will win this time.