Who were James MacArthur biological parents?

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Answered: Jesse James

Do you mean biography of Jesse James? If so, you can find out about him at the following websites: http://www.biographybase.com/biography/James_Jesse.html http://www.trutv.com/library/crime/gangsters_outlaws/outlaws/james/1.html

Answered: Why is biology called living environment, when did it change?

Maybe because biology is the study of life and where it lives?

Answered: Locating Biological Father! HOW?

You can search for people at whitepages.com and classmates.com for free (though more information is available if you pay for it). If they don't have a listing, you can search for his relatives and old friends and they may have current information on his whereabouts.

Answered: Treating senior parents

I agree with Charles, most seniors live in constant frustration at the loss of their independence, and even when you are trying to help, they resent the fact that they need help or that others think they need it. If you can find an independent living retirement community nearby, that's one of the ...

Answered: Parenting for 3 years old

"Handling" won't work. To keep any alive creature happy is to keep them busy. Play and have fun. Drawing, painting all sorts of activities which you will find fun as well will make a child happy not handled. Good luck!
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Only if the child was put up for adoption without their permission or without their knowledge. And even then, the chances are slim. But as an adopted child myself, never hide the fact that your child was adopted from him or her. My parents told me when I was very small. Thus, it never had any great ...