who was the woman who had an affair with mr.knozit?

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Answered: Why do married women have affairs?

There are many excuses...Repeat excuses...Not reasons.

Answered: Womans body found in wichita feb.11, 2014

Don't be silly, Frankie. She's having an OBE. Madam Z

Answered: Which style of bra the woman who had married desire?

Whether you prefer seductive quarter cup bras, shelf bras or soft bras, they can all be sexy bras when you find the perfect-fitting one. A great bra makes all different. HUSTLER bras look fabulously good and make you feel superior comfortable and excellent support. HustlerLingerie.com offers well ...

Answered: Where's Mr. Roadshow??

There's a Mr. Roadshow column in the San Jose Mercury News.

Answered: Affair or Friend?

Be realistic. Straying one time is aberational (out of character, not his normal behavior). That's totally different from an "affair" which is an ongoing sexual relationship with someone other than spouse if done without their knowledge, consent/approval. Many reasons why all you near-perfect ...

Answered: How to tell if your Austatic sister is really in affair with her group

Well, there's obviously something going on or she wouldn't be so upset and down. Rape, as bad as it is to think about, does happen, even in the best of facilities. But if that is what's happening, it should be dealt with by authorities. I can't imagine your parents could hear something like that ...
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After an affair

I understand and feel the same way. I don't think you ever get over it. My husband had an affair with a 32 year old - I am 52. Three years after the affair I still want to hide under the covers. If I didn't have 25 years invested and 2 kids with him, I would be with someone else. I truly feel ...

End of an affair

Thanks for your answer. This ended over a month ago now. We are in daily email contact, we have maintained a wonderful friendship. I cannot hate him, he gave me not only a wonderful yr, but i came to realize that i am not happy here and i plan on making a move in the fall when my sons, 20 and 22 ...

Can a Relationship That Starts Out as an Affair Succeed?

Cheating is a habit that is hard to break. A great relationship is based on trust. If you can't be faithful, then leave.