who was the Pope 600 years ago that resigned?

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Answered: Can a Pope Resign From Office?

On this link you can watch him resign, its from private collection video! http://pope-resign.blogspot.com/

Answered: Why did pope resign 600 years ago?

There had been clashes within the One, Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church regarding authority since about 400 years after its foundation. The question was where was authority held within the Body of Christ, was it within, the person of the Bishop of Rome, or was authority held by the Bishop's in ...

Answered: How many years since last pope resigned?

The last Pope to resign was Gregor XII. It was is 1415 (a bit short of 600 years). Some 200 years before it another Pope resigned.

Answered: Why do Christians go goo goo over the Pope?

I wouldn't say they go goo goo over him. To Roman Catholics the Pope is the successor of St. Peter, upon whom the church is built. Some christians think the Pope is Antichrist. Not a very christian attitude.

Answered: Is it correct to resign?

I spoke to lots of people and everyone said DO NOT RESIGN but if they want they can terminte your contract. When they day came I threw the question to the nurse who said the only reason she mentioned resigning was that some people like to be in control of their affairs and when going for another job ...

Answered: Papal Controversy

Hey "bg391", Any public figure -- pope, president, senator, etc -- is fair game. Obama had to apologize for his "Special Olympics" gaffe. The pope has to acknowledge his missteps as well -- his ill-advised condom remarks.
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