who was the mateus notre dame football player?

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Answered: Notre Dame Football Jersey

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Answered: Notre Dame quarterbacks


Answered: Notre Dame University screensaver

Go to the following link for the Notre Dame screen-savers you are looking for. http://www.absolutely.net/1ss/wallpaperssportsnotre_dame_football.html

Answered: Where can i get cheap notre dame football tickets?

Quote from Star Trek circa 1965: "Are you orbiting Triacus?"

Answered: Notre dame board

The Message Boards have been gone for almost 3 years.

Answered: Obama at Notre Dame

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The Obama-Notre Dame Controversy

Would that not just be a symptom of VERY bad taste?

Head Coach at Notre Dame

Bob Stoops would have made a great choice but the word got out too soon and he ran away.

Notre dame in paris

Notre Dame in Paris was begun in the year 1163 by King Louis VII. It took 182 years to complete. The people of France paid for it in taxes. I feel sure that there was grumbling about the taxes, mixed with pride that they had a great cathedral.

Football player or not???

I am comfortable to say he is definitely a football player. Guaranteed Seo Services