who was the editor for cheri magazine?

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Answered: Does the Shiela Wood Magazine have a web site?

Did you goggle it first? it works real good for finding things like this.

Answered: Cheri hawley

I am Jason, a best buddy and racing partner of Gabby. I am sorry for the previous posting to riri on their question to the whereabouts of cheri. I came across emails of their exchange of love for each other. In my friends eyes she was truly an angel. To all on Yeda: Do not jump to conclusions about ...

Answered: Where is Cheri Penn?

why are you wondering? do you know her?

Answered: I have numerous copies of Gourmet Magazine, mostly 60's and 70's. What

Cut out the pretty pictures and put them in a scrapbook.

Answered: Value of a jet magazine 1968 (auto generated) janet league and neil

Jet is owned by Johnson Publishing Company. You can write to them and ask if the 1968 magazines you have are worth anything today. Here is their web site .
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This hasn't happened to me but I think every magazine does something like this if you pay with a credit card or have a credit card on file with them.

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American Magazine

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i m n't interested

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I'm not sure I understand your question. Can you clarify?