who was the editor for cheri magazine?

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Answered: Is it bad if im thinking about buying maxim when im officially 18 because

Why on earth would it be bad? It's a good enough magazine. Not one of my favorites, but a good enough read and reasonably entertaining.

Answered: Does the Shiela Wood Magazine have a web site?

Did you goggle it first? it works real good for finding things like this.

Answered: Cheri hawley

I am Jason, a best buddy and racing partner of Gabby. I am sorry for the previous posting to riri on their question to the whereabouts of cheri. I came across emails of their exchange of love for each other. In my friends eyes she was truly an angel. To all on Yeda: Do not jump to conclusions about ...

Answered: Where is Cheri Penn?

why are you wondering? do you know her?

Answered: The Order I placed for 2 year subscription

Sorry, AOL Answers does not have any knowledge of your Amazon order. I suggest that you call Amazon. They might be able to cancel your order.
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