who was president after george w. bush?

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Answered: What would you like to ask former president George W. Bush?

My first question is why we couldn't get Obama impeached for his hand in the Fast and Furious debacle. Any way you look at it, that is treason. Obamacare forces us to abandon our family health care providers, buy government insurance that covers absolutely nothing, and watch our families die from ...

Answered: Why did george w bush wanted to be the president united states

Bush did such a poor job ,it lead the way for a cocaine drop-out flunky racist ,to proceed him.Now look at the trouble we are in ...Lets all blame President Bush for letting the Boy king obama in.

Answered: President George W. Bush legacy

Tombstones that voted for Obama apparently liked him, so the Democrats claim. What a pity that only criminals and tombstones vote for Democrats. Leftists are utterly boring.

Answered: Bush After the White House

I realize that leftists are petty, vindictive, and bitter, which shows why their delusions don't matter any more than they don't. Bush gave us eight great years and ingrate Democrats just don't realize that they should cease their bitter games for their own sake.

Answered: The End of the Bush Years

Obama Fail NOVEMBER 29, 2011 Via Gunny G THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS AMERICA – WHEN YOU put a bunch of idiots in charge. Now like him and Cheney or not, when they left, WE WERE WINNING! 1. Egypt falls to Muslim Brotherhood after Obama assists 2. Libya falls to al-Qeada and ...

Answered: George W. Bush's Legacy

As the Republican counterpart to Jimmy Carter.
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Cheney Criticizes Bush

Leftists make their billions by selling out to rackets.

Bush and Religion

I heard the obama girls were born to a surrogate. Miss Me Yet! Miss Me Yet! You Bet!! Anything is better than this America Hater We have in office now! He is a real jerk!!!

Cheney Criticizes Bush

Alas, leftists will always play hate games. Is that why absolutely no rational person believed one word said by any leftist? We can only expect so much from leftists, which means that no one has ever respected any of these poor worthless fools.

Reporter Insults Bush

Since the incident only occurred in the delusion of a leftist reporter, then there is no credibility to the story -- or any of their other ridiculous tear jerk tales.