who was mayor of california before arnold schwarzenegger?

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Answered: Does the Schwarzenegger-Shriver separation surprise you?

Honestly, I am NEVER surprised, I don't put anything past anyone. He was a dog for what he did but she is just stupid; i would have known that the kid was Arnolds when I first saw it. Did she turn a blind eye? If so ... then twice as stupid I am more shocked at HER, she should have kicked his ...

Answered: What are Arnold Schwarzenegger's plans?

Find a good lawyer.

Answered: Would You Read Arnold Schwarzenegger's New Comic Book?

I will read it on weiner's twiter account

Answered: What does Schwarzenegger plan to do once his term as governor is up? Does

This blog could be the answer to your question.

Answered: Should the media leave Patty Baena alone?

Can you really say that there was {1} just one of that whole CLAN, That anyone would look up to..??? And Maria S. is not Stupid, she was bidding her time.. Bigger better things.. WHO tipped the Media off??? Sweet G 5/31

Answered: June 11,2014 sentencing for ray c nagin mayor

On May 29 the judge postponed sentencing to July 2.
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Do politicians and celebrities cheat more?

They get caught more because they don't give a shit .it's called (ELITE)

Did Arnold Schwarzenegger lose the california election or resign?

As stated on Wikipedia regarding the 2010 California gubernatorial election... Because of constitutional office holders in California are prohibited from serving more than two terms in the same office since 1990, incumbent Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger was ineligible to run for re-election.

Mayor dismissal

Not sure. Sorry.