Who was kicked off The Amazing race last night?

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Answered: The Amazing Race ?

So how do my daughter and I apply to be on it?

Answered: Where were dallas and toni on the amazing race finale?

I heard Dallas was really robbed/mugged of their money and passports and for some reason the producers wanted to cover it up

Answered: Amazing Race

Thank you for your reply, I too am sad that they were eliminated.

Answered: Trying out for Amazing Race

Thanks for sharing with us

Answered: Get back to work before befoe i will kick a your ass

Kathy said to tell you hello and she is doing fine since she had the brain surgery. Keep up with your bible studies and forget about a boyfriend and sin.

Answered: Race horse jockey mistakes in turf paridise

Are you trying to find race results? you can check the results at TVG :
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