who was john mallory phillips hampton va?

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Answered: How much does VA Fraud cost each year

It's hard to tell, considering how many veterans the VA screws over every year.

Answered: Help eith food

I think you're looking for craig's list. You don't get help here, just answers to questions.

Answered: What happedned to City of Hampton Va. CC Judge John gray?

He shot himself because he was dying of cancer. I think it was about 1995.

Answered: What time do city assessors stop doing assessments ? in virginia beach

Well, if you weren't so lazy you could have found the answer before you finished typing the question. Ever hear of Google? Ever hear of a telephone? If you don't have a sense of humor, what's the sense of being alive? You should go jump off a cliff!!!

Answered: Va state police ground rules for using flashing lights when not on

Forget about it. We already approached the State Police about speeding when not on a call and their position is "the police are always on call, when on duty".
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She is in jail now today's date is 2/15/2011. She lives at 44 Arlington St. Amesbury, Ma 01913. Hope this helps...she is evil and belongs locked up for a long time!!!!

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