who was gong er in martial arts?

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Answered: Martial Arts Uniforms

Most martial arts studios use white because it symbolizes purity in mind and body how ever there are other color representation used in all forms i hope this answers your question

Answered: Martial arts kids program?

If it is for kids you must keep in mind the parents are the ones who will enroll them and pay for them so you must make it enticing for the parents to want to enroll their kids. Try to implement something in the lines of teaching kids self defense and most importantly self discipline!

Answered: What is the real origin of martial arts and what country it came from?

China is where i think it started, you can have a good read on wikipedia info - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martial_arts ____________ Champion jiu jitsu

Answered: What are some good recommended martial arts DVDs ...

The funny thing is that I was just watching some bruce lee movies. I highly recommend these flicks. But, if you are looking for new DVD releases 2011 , I would recommend waiting until later in the year.

Answered: Martial arts dice game?

not syure lookn it up onb goigle

Answered: Kids and Martial Arts?

Great for boys and girls, and even younger, ... for self esteem, for the exercise, and the sense of order that it gives, not to mention self defence when needed.. Look into the different schools then decide.. S G
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