who was born on june 6 1966?

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Answered: Anybody having AOL mail problems today - June 7, 2011

Iam having problem with aol since yesterday 07.07.11 i lost all my inbox mails..??

Answered: If you are born in Puerto Rico are you a us citizen

Yes puerto rico is part of the united states do not need passport or nothing to travel in or out of it

Answered: How many babies born in the White House?

This is the closest I can get get to it, no real numbers, are they confidential? Sweet G 6/26 ....................................................................... Father's Day 2011: How many presidential babies were born at White House? - CSMonitor.com Father's Day 2011: How many ...
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yes, that is what that means to be "from" a state, it is the state you were born in.

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Although I hope that you are wrong with your prognostications, I must compliment you with your research. In this article I truly enjoyed reading it. Michael Joel Held

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