who to contact about bus bullying?

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Answered: Bus accident

Oh no, you must be suffocating with the great problem. But why don't you remember the kalawyer after you are suffocating so much with the personnel injury. When you need personnel lawyer then better to contact them , they are really awesome to defend the personnel injury case. http://www.kalawyer ...

Answered: Article in newspaper: Bully on bus

She is doing this to draw attention to herself, and it is the only way she can think of to let the world know she has problems.

Answered: Does Senior Citizen / School Bus Monitor Karen Klein deserve over 1/2

You are missing the point. It doesn't matter whether she deserves it or not. The money is being given as a GIFT. When people want to give a gift it is out of the generousity of their heart. She does not have to deserve it or earn it or anything like that. And secondly, being the classy lady she ...

Answered: Why do police and firemen do gangstalking and bullying?

The error in your question is that it GENERALIZES — not all such government officials are guilty of that. SO RESTATED QUESTION: Why do some of those you mention have that kind of bad attitude? ANSWER: They have authoritarian personalities. This is some that usually affects people of ...

Answered: What are some good comebacks for bullies?

Sometimes ignoring is best; sometimes not. Depends on what the situation is. I was bullied a lot on the old AOL Pets Message Boards. If I had just ignored them, they would have thought that they had won. The bullying wasn't going to stop regardless, so I stood my ground and made sure that they ...

Answered: Bullying

jkgrandma: I agree that it's best for those who see the bullying, that they should refuse to jump in and participate in the actual bullying, because then that makes them just as bad as the bully who first started it. HOWEVER, I do believe that it's important for people to step in and tell the ...
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What are the rules regarding when a child can take the bus to school in

Hi Jeanine -- You should look up the phone numbers of two or three bus companies and speak to someone there who can give you that information.

If you follow the proper steps to stopping a bully ...

I think it also has to do a lot with the school culture. I have been to quite a few schools in my life. I've notice places where the kids were all together and other places where bullying fiestered like a bad wound. If it is like that then remember there might be that day that the cops and reporters ...

Should schools deal with the bullying of your child?

Early intervention by school authorities might help straighten out a young bully – and spare his/her future victims. At the least, it’ll likely cause him/her to stop bullying your child now. If it ever escalates to physical violence, call the police immediately. See more at http://www.crime-safety ...


http://www.facebook.com/safety#!/profile.php?id=1056806268 this person cyber bullies and sexually harrasses other women cause she is a lesbian. she is not nice! she drinks underage just look @ her FB