who still owes ww2 war debt?

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Answered: World war 2 photos to donate?

You can go to look at the http://www.coinsut.co.uk!

Answered: Ww2 painter

Hey, Folks! Found an appraiser right here in Chattanooga. Turns out that H. Lackner is still alive and an established artist. Conservative value on my paintings is well over 10K. Whoo Hoooooo!!!!!!

Answered: If you pay rent and the landlord refuses it do you still owe it?

I agree with that Landlord are in business to make money and if they are refusing a rent that you are paying then you should check what is the reason behind it. Also you should contact rental manager company which may help you for that.

Answered: Does any one have information about the replacement depot in empoli italy

Have you used google to find it? Try also the Army records in D.C.

Answered: WW2

Thank you. I will quit trying then. I thought it was that I was doing it wrong. I've never had problems before with copy and paste. Have a great Day!

Answered: Will filing for bankruptcy clear any personal debt owed?

You would be better off going to the Library and looking up all the how to's, what not to do, and what it will cost you before you make up your mind this is the way you want to go with your debts. The Librarian will be glad to help you with the books, they are free to examine, and you can make ...
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An old WW2 movie about cannons and a Greek island

The film is "The Guns of Navarone" from 1961, directed by J Lee Thompson and starring Gregory Peck, Anthony Quinn and David Niven. You can find more details here .

Can i be garnished for a debt owed on a money market account

Anytime you own a debt and if debt goes before a judge and a Judge decrees a judgement against you, all or any of your assets can be frozen until an arrangement is made to pay the debt including a salary.

What were netting circles in britian during ww2. What did they use to

Netting circles were women who got together to make camouflage nets for the military. Thanks Charlie for trying.

The average person in the U.S. is $3500 in debt ...

Oh, you'll figure it out one day, CARDBOARD HEAD!!!!