who sold chemical weapons to Syria?

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Answered: Syria and chemical weapons

The President is "out of it"????? Really? Did they secretly impeach him when I had my back turned for a minute? You'd think at least one media outlet would have reported this important breaking news. Trampo, your problem is you share a minimally functional brain with that fake Marine Renner who's ...

Answered: Does obama now bomb syria for chemical weapons use?

I wouldn't put it past Obama to exceed the law as he did with the Fast and Furious disaster. The trouble is, we will bear the brunt for his foolish misdoing. That is why the Joint Chiefs of Staff control the military instead of Obama. It is only sensible to have this wise and necessary ...

Answered: Why is Russia giving weapons to Syria?

First off, you have to realize what goes on in the head of the Syrian leader. If you can do that (because up until now few people have been able to do so), then you will be able to answer your question. Then you have to consider what is going on with the "new" Russia. After you put the two of them ...

Answered: How can I find out if a house has been sold

A realtor could tell you if there is a sale pending, or if the sale is complete. Your county recorder or assessor could tell you the date of the latest sale if it is complete.

Answered: Dems are divided, taking sides with Republicans ...

O is out of the loop 4 good. Can't march troops, has NO power. Racists still side with Dems. Even they have had enough. Now O-care denies them coverage. O tried to shut down Medicare, Tricare, VA. Failed as always. 2 bad Dems always fail.

Answered: Dems break ranks w/ Obama. Senate Judiciary ...

Smoking inner tubes? May B so. What else says so? Btr yet, should I ask?
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You don't get into some body else's fight!

War is a nasty business, and civil war means friends will be killing friends, and brothers will be killing their own brothers. Even so, this is not our war and we have no place intervening in it.

National greeting of syria

I didn't know there was one.

Why did syrian government use chemical weapons on people?

Chemical weapons used on people make much more of an impact that when used on cows or blackbirds. It's pretty silly to gas a rock formation.

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