who sells polar edge thermal underwear?

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Answered: What is the difference of cycle shorts and cycle underwear

Well Larry, the underwear goes underneath and the shorts go on top. When you reach 1st grade they'll teach you these things.

Answered: I want to Sell my old Car

Yes, You can contact with www.rustysautosalvage.com and www.fastcashforjunkcars.com
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Will wearing thermal clothing for a long time damage your body in any

As long as the thermal clothing is clean and you're washing daily I can't imagine it would cause any problem what so ever. Keeping warm is far more important than worrying about adapting - your body is amazing, it will always adapt

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Hanky panky underwear

Here you can get some designer mens underwear and some womens lingerie uk .

Are g-strings the top selling underwear for girls,i love them

I honestly don't think so! G-strings are more for special occasions, like under a fancy dress or tight pants to the club. I think the low-rider boy shorts are the most comfortable and most popular among young people for everyday use.