who sells foster grant reading glasses?

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Answered: How to sell murano glass bowl

Take a picture of it and put it on E-Bay

Answered: What sort of glasses suit a oval-shaped face?

Oval faces are perfect for just about any shape. You can wear round, rectangle (which is the current trend) Your Rx should be a major factor in choosing the proper eyewear for you. If you have a "heavy" Rx avoid rimless and semi-rimless frames. New surfacing and edging techniques can insure good ...

Answered: When I go to discount stores I often see very ...

You do not need an Rx for the dime store readers, but you will not find a Doctor who will tell you that you should go out and get them. With that said, what is your vision worth...

Answered: What kind of glass is used to make carnival glass

I think it is not the makeup of the glass, but the process of "pressing" that gives the shine typical of that glass.

Answered: Where can my boyfriend sell has old playboy magazine

Unless he has the molto valuable first issue, or one of the rare issues, they're really not worth much. Maybe a buck apiece. He can look for used book stores that also carry magazines. Or he can sell on craigslit or something like that. But honestly, they're just not worth much aside from the few ...

Answered: I'm selling an item for $200.00 what would be the bidding price to start

What is the item, what is the age, and what is the condition?
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I had a Tiffany Light glass frame repaired in Nyack, NY. I don't know the name of the shop but it was located on Route #59 - it goes into the town of Nyack. It is a small town just before you cross over the Tappan Zee Bridge on the Thruway. They have many craft people located there that repair just ...

Usgovernmentgrants Ive been offered a grant ...

You are being scammed. That ain't the way it works.

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Check out the link below to see if you can apply for a government grant to help you get started. http://www.grants.gov/

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Donate it to charity and take the depreciated value as a tax deduction. I suggest Salvation Army.