who sang at 2008 presedential inauguration?

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Answered: Obama's Inaugural Address

"THIS WAS IN MY MAIL TODAY" "Thank you for Your Time" Good Morning Friends, As I watched the President spinning his lies across China a thought occurred to me. Remember when you were a kid and you went to the amusement park. They always had the game Whack-A-Mole. My oldest son ...

Answered: What is so important about our Presidential Inauguration? What are the

It is the formal swearing in of the president and vice president of the USA.

Answered: Who is paying for this multi-day inaugural celebration?

Thanks Fiona. This is very helpful. Diane

Answered: Who sang, it's all over now?

Bobby Womack did one. The Rolling Stones did one too.
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What time is Inauguration speech?

According to About.com, the inauguration address will start at about 12:01 PM. (Inauguration Swearing-In Ceremony 2009 )

Inauguration plans

I will have to watch it on Youtube, I have no cable and its all ready past.

Inauguration address..who wrote it?

he did along with a speechwriter!