who said we live without experience from day to day when we do not have an understanding of the past?

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Answered: Past lives

You will never be able to prove if it is true or not, but I believe it is true. Regardless, it doesn't matter because you still get the results from a past lives regression I've done it with self hypnosis and with a psychic. I think hypnosis is better. It seems more of a real experience. http ...

Answered: Who said this quote?

When injustice becomes law, defiance becomes duty." Patrick Henry, in reference to the injustices of the British. We have remedied those injustices, therefore, leftists have absolutely no excuse for their blind and mindless hatred of all that is decent. Since all leftists are violent criminals ...

Answered: When do i stop apologizing, is admitting your wrong enough. My daughter

“You cannot change anyone but yourself.” When people don’t live up to your expectations, it’s not unusual to feel responsible for changing their behavior, especially if they are close to you. You may try and try – but when you don’t succeed, you end up feeling depressed and like a failure ...

Answered: Today was Veterans' Day. Welcome home!

ROCMIKE HAS SPENT ANOTHER LONELY HOLIDAY POSTING PORN AND WITH HIS ALIASES.-------------------------------------------------Our resident mental patient has been posting hours and hours and hours of his sick disturbing porn. He has spent Christmas Eve with his aliases. He has posted under Renner the ...

Answered: What day of the week is it ?

And ruin his week-end?

Answered: How many Masses are said in the world every day?

Robert, are you Rob who is also anothernonymous, plus a couple of others? You sure sound like him.
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