Who said, "we are all Greeks"?

Who said, "we are all Greeks"?

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Answered: Who said this quote?

I have seen Brother B., Anne S., Trampo and the fake Marine post. All 4 of these names go to the same Facebook profile page of the person he claims is dead. This means they are all coming from the same poster. Why does he continue to post under these names and many more when we all know that he's ...

Answered: When is a great time to visit the Greek Islands ...

Summer is the best time. Aram Arakelyan Your LA Broker For Life! www.housevaluecheck.com Realty Needs Network

Answered: Greek language

That's easy! I'm not even Greek and can answer that one. A ya ya is a granny or grandmother.

Answered: Asking about the money i was supost to get from bank of america in north

A lottery inheritance? Never heard of such a thing. If they ask you to send money, it is definitely a scam.

Answered: Why do the Greek Orthodox priests use the Isaiah ...

God is an imaginary mass murdering bastard with the morality of a guttersnipe. Best ignored, unless you want to be a guttersnipe too.
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Where can I locate past papers for Greek GCSE's

You can search online websites or visit http://education.latestt.com for that.


Answer It is difficult to single out the ancient Greeks for their religious beliefs. Almost all peoples of ancient times believed in one or more gods, and the Greeks were no exception. Religion helped people explain how the world was created and gave them hope for divine assistance in time of ...

Please help me find this greek honey

Debby, this was a tough one. I don't know much about Greece, but it seems they have their own honey sold in each region. I spent considerable time trying to locate the honey you were asking about, to no avail. I did find several sites that you can check out for the tin you said it came in. Alibaba ...