who said sometimes wrong but never in doubt?

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Answered: Wrongful dismissal case

Better to tackle it and not let them get away with it because it will follow you, not them

Answered: Who said this quote?

When injustice becomes law, defiance becomes duty." Patrick Henry, in reference to the injustices of the British. We have remedied those injustices, therefore, leftists have absolutely no excuse for their blind and mindless hatred of all that is decent. Since all leftists are violent criminals ...

Answered: What should you do when your in "DOUBT"?

When I'm in doubt, I usually ask for further advice from my family, and friends, who knows better and who can give me a more mature advice. I also pray for God's guidance.

Answered: Wrongful death

Statute law about wrongful death is quite specific and is a field of law unto itself. Contact an attorney whose training is in that field of law.

Answered: When in "DOUBT", what should you do?

'When in doubt, pull out." If only Traina's father had done that, we wouldn't be subjected to his racist BS every day.

Answered: My email sent with wrong user name and address

Hi Sumo: So I can better assist you, could you please provide me with additional information?
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The question cannot be answered by randomly picking a passage from the Bible. Nevertheless, what we have here is another promise postdated to the kind of death Christ was going to suffer with multiplying effects, viz.: verifiably Spirit-active, perfect and diacritical! (John 19: 30-37)

Wrongful termination in GA

Hello Terri, If you perceive that you are terminated from your work because you are discriminated against by your employer, then it it most likely that it is a case of a wrongful termination. Also, a wrongful termination includes your employer goading you to resign or causing you to resign ...

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She is such a versatile actress, she was so dippy in the Wedding Date and Enchanted and she was completly different in Doubt, so I think she deserves to win. I hope we see more of her.

Song Title - When clouds of doubt hover over me

God is my refuge author unknown when clouds of doubt hover o'er me angry waves toss me to and fro there is a place i can go he's the shield from every tempest he's an anchor that is sure in times like these it's good to know god is my refuge a strong and mighty tower that i can run to god is ...