Who said History is one damned thing after another?

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Answered: History Repeats Itself. Or does it?

Atheists do not ask us not to believe in God. They demand that we absolutely abandon all that He asked us to do. He asked us to be charitable, kind to one another, and fair in our dealings. Atheists make all their dirty money on vice and that dear friends is intolerable. Would you want your ...

Answered: History

World War One combined the worst of the Crimean, American Civil War, and hell, in one giant misery that never had to be. Gas warfare, violations of the newly formed Geneva Convention, development of aerial warfare, abandonment of the chivalry of the Napoleonic age, and introduction of diabolical ...

Answered: How do i delet history

Get CCleaner, a free download, and let it take care of this for you. You do mean delete, don't you?

Answered: How can I get history of ownership for my home at 1129 S.7Th St

Contact the County Auditor. These are public records and should have been made available to you when you assumed title to the property you now own. If there are clouds on the title (prior liens, etc.) then you may have recourse through your legal counsel, but generally speaking, if a corrupt ...

Answered: How to clean my aol history file?

Open AOL, at the left top - Edit - Cear Toolbar History.

Answered: History

1) nationalism: It is a deep loyalty to one's nation. Gavrilo Princip from Serbia was the person who triggered WWI by killing Archuduke from Austria-Hungary, because he Austria-Hungary controlled Serbia at the time. This is an example of extreme nationalism because he was showing loyalty to his own ...
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I am hardly an expert in military tactics, but you refer to generalized combat maneuvering. These tactics are well understood among fighting men but historians must bow to their far better training. Suffice that West Point and Annapolis have doctorate programs in military tactics. It is that ...


Not that I am a military strategist, but all wars include an element of attrition. Attrition means to reduce the enemy's ability to fight. That may be by denying the enemy resources or by reducing their morale. One case in point is the lopsided victory of Coalition forces over Iraq in the Gulf ...


The first declaration of war was made in Lower Slobovia about 3,900 BC. It seems that the king of lower Slobovia kidnapped prince Vile of Upper Slobovia -- the one with the raspy inhaling laugh, chicken jokes, and purple hair. If Lower Slobovia didn't immediately surrender, they would bring the ...


There are nine wars Britain has fought with Germany to historical record. Please narrow your inquiry.