Who said "Democracy only lasts 200 years"?

Who said "Democracy only lasts 200 years"?

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Answered: How many snow days last year

Snow days would usually start in November and ends in April.

Answered: What year did super bowl Sunday change from last sunday in January to

The Super Bowl was in February for the first time in 2002, and then it has been February since 2004. The Pro Bowl used to be after the Super Bowl, but in 2009 it was moved to the week before the Super Bowl. The schedule used to have the regular season of 16 weeks, starting after Labor Day. Then ...

Answered: Who said (paraphrased): A Democracy will last until the plebiscite

Who said that Democracy is Is safe until Paranoids take over free speach????

Answered: Are you watching Oprah's last show?

Me to not really interested.

Answered: How do i find someone last will and testament online

You can find a do it yourself Last Will and Testament form handbook online or at a bookstore that contains answers to commonly asked questions. --> Download Legal Forms Online
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What do you think about democracy?

Hi my friend, ------------ Not an ideal system but no doubt better than any other possible option. -------------- Best regards,

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Merry Xmas Adeline Best if wishes to you and yours

Who said "Democracy carries within itself the seeds of its own

It was Karl Mark. He was talking about what we call the tyranny of the masses. A tendency of the majority to whittle down the rights of every consecutive minority until society is rendered down to it's most common denominators. And only the most common are left with any rights. Which is no one at ...