Who said " A Man is more than the worst thing he's ever done"?

Who said " A Man is more than the worst thing he's ever done"?

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Answered: Who said this quote?

When injustice becomes law, defiance becomes duty." Patrick Henry, in reference to the injustices of the British. We have remedied those injustices, therefore, leftists have absolutely no excuse for their blind and mindless hatred of all that is decent. Since all leftists are violent criminals ...

Answered: Local man home raided for narcotics on Dec.15, 2014.

In order to have a question answered, YOU HAVE TO ASK ONE!!!!!

Answered: This is the worst thing AOL has ever done I'd fire ...

Bring back the message boards! This is lame....

Answered: Does any body respect cry baby leftists?

ROCMIKE FORGOT TO POST HIS CARTOONS AGAIN BUT HE DID SPEND HOURS PUTTING LETTERS UNDER POSTS TO GO ALONG WITH HIS PORN.--------------------------------------------------------------------He has spent another long lonely day and night of doing nothing but posting. He has posted under Zhorevs A., The ...
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