who plays Zola Shepherd on grey's anatomy?

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Answered: Can Greys Anatomy Survive Without McDreamy?

I think there would be an effect if McDreamy would leave the show but if the writers can come up with more interesting scenes and situations they can manage to pick up more viewers despite his absence.

Answered: I need download grey's anatomy episodes, where i can download download

Hey all the links here are fantastic.Thanks for them.

Answered: Will Grey's Anatomy be on for a 5th season in the fall?

Yes, Grey's will be back. According the ABC website, "new episodes return this fall." Various spoiler sites say that the tentative premiere date is September 25. I also believe they have started filming.. so yay! Sasha Wholesale Clothing

Answered: Who is the actress who plays Bokey on Grey's Anatomy?

Bokey is not an actress, she is an actual scrub nurse at St. Johns in Santa Monica, she is also a advisor for the show

Answered: Izzy leaves Grey's

She'll wash away into nothingness, like all the actors before her who thought they were too good for the show, left, and are nowhere to be found now.

Answered: Cast of Grey's Anatomy

It's true that they are both leaving. The show is not going to be the same without them.
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Grey's Anatomy

hey buddy did you mean with the season 6 of grey's anatomy . it will be premier between 2009 to 2010 this season 6 episodes i will be premier on September 24, 2009

All New Grey's Anatomy

I'm psyched for tonight's season premiere!

Denny back on Grey's Anatomy... dead...

wow, yes! i totally agree with you. i hope this is the end of it, and that we don't have a whole ordeal about izzy losing it again. i really like her character, and i want new things to happen, and for her to be with alex and move on.

Is "Izzie" a good person on Grey's Anatomy?

I like everyone better than Meredith lol...but I disagree with Izzie's actions and storyline alot lately.Also,poor writing is obvious when it comes to her lines and she's just not being Izzie.I sympathize with Callie and that's something I thought I'd never do.I can't wait until Izzie and George's ...